Ming Mei, Alex, Nettie, and Victor.

Ming Mei, Alex, Nettie, and Victor.

Welcome to PartyFowl Pets!

PartyFowl Pets is a small family business specializing in making pet supplies and medical items for Ducks, Geese, Chickens, and other fowl. Inspired by her two indoor pet ducks Victor & Ming Mei who hatched in summer 2008, PartyFowl’s sewist, Nettie, has been creating custom handmade pet supplies including diaper harnesses, shoes, and leashes for almost 10 years. We take great pride in creating the highest quality diaper harness possible, so that others may enjoy the love and companionship of a feathered friend. Nettie is also the inventor and original creator of “Duck Shoes”, a medical item and fashion accessory for ducks, geese, chickens, and occasionally zoo birds!

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Update for Summer 2019

We have added tons and tons of new fabric choices for both solid and pattern Deluxe Diaper Harnesses! We’ve added over 40 new patterned fabrics (including holiday patterns!), a couple new solid colors, as well as our new Sparkle Harnesses! We now have over 100 different fabric choices for Diaper Harnesses! We’ve also added over 50 new ready-made harnesses

We will be adding other types of items to the store, including Leashes and Walking Harnesses (a harness without a pouch for a diaper). We’ve found a great new vendor to fabricate the special hardware these items require. We were only going to offer a few basic colors, but we’ve met a new vendor from Canada who is able to supply us with tons of new colors! While we create the new listing in our shop, we are able to take special requests for these items in the meantime.

Have suggestions or requests for new colors, new patterns, and new ideas for new types of items for your pet? Check out our Contact Page to send us your ideas and suggestions!

*After several months of testing, we are almost ready to include our special homemade, natural remedies for issues with duck/chicken/goose feet! We’ve been working on a special foot soak infused with essential oils, as well as a “chapstick-like” balm to apply topically to poultry feet. These homemade remedies were originally created to help our own ducks, Victor and Ming Mei, when foot issues occur. We have tested BumbleBalm and EpsomSoak samples with some of our clients over the last 6 months, with overall positive results. Bumblefoot and other foot infections can be difficult to deal with, and we are looking forward to soon be able to offer the remedies that helped our ducks in the past. While the listing in the shop may take awhile to get up, we can fulfill requests for these items in the meantime, upon special request.

Update On Our Sewist, Nettie

For those who do not already know, our sewist Nettie has several health issues she often struggles with. Despite the drain those health problems have on her, thankfully they have not overly deal the recent increase in spring orders. We are considering adding a blog to our website, if others are interested in reading about the day-to-day goings-on with Nettie, our pet ducks, and our bunnies. We are also working on a gallery here, as well as a youtube channel to let others see our pets!